Coptic Christians Community in Nashville, TN

There are 22,000 Coptic Christians in Nashville, TN

Coptic Christian, means, Egyptian Christian. They are the oldest group of Christians on record. They reportedly can trace their history to their conversion by the Apostle Mark, 2000 years ago. They immigrant at a high rate due to the religious persecution in their country. Egypt is 90% Muslim. 


NPT Presented a excellent documentary on the community a few years ago. You can click here to view the episode online. The information they have regarding the size of the community has changed and there are now 8 Coptic Orthodox Churches in the area.

New Families arrive every month.

When new families arrive in America they have often left everything behind, except what will fit in a suitcase. That includes their extended families. Get to know these sweet spiritual people. Message me to find out how you can get involved. 

The Coptic Churches welcome visitors.